Rubbish – it’s all around us and piling higher by the day. If lucky, it may get put in a green bin and recycled to be rubbish once again in the future. However, for one maverick US architect Michael Reynolds, waste is his construction material for building radically sustainable housing.

Garbage Warrior is a feature length documentary that follows one man’s triumph over bureaucracy and his aim to change the world. Reynolds experimental structures, named ‘Earthships’, do not meet building standards which unsurprisingly creates conflict between himself, his profession and the authorities who are backed by wealthy corporations. Natural disasters intervene to allow him to demonstrate his garbage construction to the world.

£3 entry

Film starts at 7.45 and will be followed by discussion and drinks. Running Time: 86 mins

To celebrate manchester film co-operative’s first Christmas we will be showing a series of short films followed by food and music.

The series of short films will include the doccumentary Au Rez-de-chaussee de la ville[Ground floor of the city] which documents the ecoBox project. Since 2003 EcoBOX has initiated a series of self-managed projects in the La Chapelle area of northern Paris by encouraging local residents to gain access to and critically transforming temporary, misused or underused spaces.

£3 entry

Film starts at 7.45 and will be followed by discussion and drinks.

In the near future gas prices have reached $40 a gallon. Archie Andrews, an environmentalist school teacher, is trying to discover an alternate fuel source. While experimenting with wheat grass, Archie accidentally stumbles upon a solution. Blood, HUMAN BLOOD!

Several recent films have tried to recapture the 70s exploitation feel and failed. What made those 70s films great were their serious intent delivered with such camp. That’s what works for “Blood Car.” This 2007 indie film from Alex Orr offers horror and humor over a political satire of current affairs. With over-the-top acting, a silly yet disturbingly plausible story (in the most twisted of minds), and some brilliant editing considering its budget.

Save gas…. drive Blood Car!

Film starts at 7.45 and will be followed by discussion and drinks. £3 entry. Running Time: 76 mins