Manchester Film Co-operative is a co-operative, meaning that it is owned and run by its members – the people who come and watch the films. You don’t need to become a member, you can just come and watch the films if you want. But membership is open to all. If you’d like to join, pop along to one of our events, or get in touch with us via our contact form.

As well as giving you democratic ownership in the co-operative membership entitles you:

  1. To one vote in any elections or decisions made by the co-operative;
  2. To propose films, speakers and other ideas for vote by the members of the co-operative;
  3. To get involved in running the film screenings (finances, ordering films, advertising etc).
  4. To borrow films from our film library.

The co-operative is a not-for-profit organisation, and the members manage the day-to-day affairs of the film co-operative and determine its overall strategic direction. It is currently run as a collective, with members volunteering for particular roles and getting involved as they wish.