groundswellManchester Flim Co-op and Keep Our NHS Public Greater Manchester are proud to present the world premiere of “Groundswell: A Grassroots Journey” by acclaimed director John Furse with Q+A.

‘Groundswell’ follows grassroots NHS campaign “999 Call For The NHS” in the run-up to the General Election in May 2015 and during its aftermath. It reveals anger and disillusionment with the state of our political system. Featuring Corbyn, Green MP Caroline Lucas and former Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham it’s a film that covers a tipping point in Britain’s political landscape “a fight not just for the NHS but for our Nation’s soul”.

Starting with Darlington working mum Joanna Adams sending out a tweet from her living room. It ends with the campaign group she founded leading thousands into Trafalgar Square at the culmination of the group’s 300-mile Jarrow to London People’s March For The NHS in September 2014. Their March was a journey of struggle and hope. But it was also a journey that took them into the darker recesses of British democracy as they were confronted by the machinations of the party politics they defied.

Independently made by a team including some of the leading documentarists of the last 40 years, it is both a personal and moving journey and a searing indictment of our media driven corporate political system.  The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with the director John Furse also a special guest from 999 Call for the NHS.

Date: Tuesday the 1st of March.

Doors: Doors at 19:00, screening to begin at 19:30.

Entry: Solidarity £7, Regular £5, Cyclist £4,  Low Waged £3, Unwaged – Donation

Venue: The Britons Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5LE

tceJust ahead of the culmination of the Paris COP21 conference on 11 Dec 2015 Manchester Film Co-op, in partnership with Manchester A Certain FutureGlobal Justice Now & Manchester Friends of the Earth, are delighted to announce our screening of This Changes Everything, the 2015 documentary conveying Naomi Klein’s positive visionary call to climate action.

The post-screening discussion will be led by MFC’s three screening partners. It is one of a series of MACF events that have been happening in Manchester since September 2015, in the run up to and in parallel with the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Paris (November 30 to December 11).


Date: Monday the 7th of December.

Doors: Doors at 19:00, screening to begin at 19:30.

Entry: Tickets available in advance online, or on the door.

Venue: Yard Theatre, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester. M15 5RF.

The Fourth Estate PRINTManchester Film Co-op invites you to join us for a screening of Lee Salter’s new documentary film, The Fourth Estate.

In the wake of the Leveson report the media’s focus has quickly diverted from a brief period of self-examination to business as usual. This opportunity for serious consideration of the true, entrenched causes and effects of the UK’s inadequate media must not go unexplored, and the recent press scandals must not be framed in terms of the “bad apple” soundbites we’re so often fed.

Examining the people and practices of the media industries, The Fourth Estate illuminates not only specific incidences of corruption by press groups, but how the wider business as a whole, including the film and entertainment industries, has a huge amount to answer for in the state of the political economy of the west. There’s no business like show business…

Date: Friday the 30th of October.

Doors: Doors at 19:00.

Entry: Solidarity (optional) £7, Regular £5, Cyclist, £4. Student/low wage £3, Unwaged: donation.

Venue: Yard Theatre, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester. M15 5RF.