June 24 – 12:08 East of Bucharest

12:08pm on the 22 December 1989 was the moment of Ceausescu’s fall from power in Romania. 16 years on, a TV talk show commemorates the event by asking local heroes to reminisce about the revolution. But without any suitable guests the producer is left with a drink-addled history teacher and a retired, lonely sometime-Santa Claus. The men’s fanciful boasts of rebellious glory are hilariously disputed by phone-ins from viewers who recall an altogether different version of events. The film sharply satirises the short memories and inconsistencies of post-revolutionary Romania.

Discussion will be led by Paul A Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies, Leeds Uni, and editor of International Journal of Zizek Studies.

£2 entry to film

Film starts at 7.45and will be followed by discussion and drinks.

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