July 21 – Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man (1998) explores the deeds of the Loyalist Shankhill Butchers in 1970s Belfast, who killed upwards of 30 people, mainly Catholics but also a significant number of Protestants, in sectarian attacks, paramilitary feuds, personal grudges and bombing raids.

Their story is told as a retrospective by Victor Kelly, a criminal and ruthless murderer who is the leader of a gang of men known as ‘Resurrection Men’. Victor’s cruelty makes him a local legend, both feared and venerated. On his trail is Ryan, a journalist, driven by his own personal demons and by an obsessive need to discover the truth. Loosely based on real events, this is a disturbing, chilling look at one of the more gruesome episodes of Northern Irish history.

Discussants for the film are Jim McAuley, Professor of Irish Studies at the University of Huddersfield, and Jon Tonge, Professor of Politics at the University of Liverpool.

Film starts at 7.45 and will be followed by discussion and drinks, food and general frivolities.
£3 entry to film / £2 students / unwaged

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