December 14 – Emily James, activism and film

The next film co-operative evening is unique and brilliant. We’ll be screening some of the lesser known satirical, activist and animated films by Emily James, exec producer of Age of Stupid and currently making the crowdsourced activist film Just do it! Get off your arse and save the world.

Mark Ashmore of Future Artists co-operative – and film collaborator with Emily – will present the evening, which will focus on co-operation in new media and how social networks have helped people just do it in film and activism.

As it’s the December screening we’ll also be having a comedy raffle. Emily has offered two pairs of tickets to the premiere of Just do it!, there will be a copy of the Actors’ Guide to Survival from Future Artists. But as always the best things are things you don’t want – books, perfume, socks, whatever. Please bring them along and throw in for the raffle. It’s a kind of like a crowdsourced raffle.

Anyway, it will be a great evening. Please get there earlyish as probably will be busy.

Evening starts at 7.45, with film, raffle, drinks, discussion, music, the lot.

Entry £3 or £2 for unwaged, low waged, students or OAPs.

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