26 June – Film Co-Op Summit Meeting

After over 4 years Manchester Film Co-operative has hit a cross roads. The core group of people who have been organising the screenings over the last 4 years are keen to step back and see a new group take over the organising and relaunch the film screenings in a new format in September.

This is an excellent opportunity for a new group of people to revitalise what is already a bit of a Manchester institution, bringing in some new ideas and energy.

A new group of organisers will need to cover areas like programming, sourcing films, working with the Kings Arms, publicity and thinking about the new format. The existing organisers will still attend and provide support at the outset but would like to see other people giving the co-operative new direction etc.

Please do come along to the emergency summit on Tuesday 26 June if you’re interested in where the film co-operative goes next. If nobody comes to be part of the core group then, well, that’s probably it for the co-operative!

So – Tuesday 26 June, 7.45 at the Kings Arms, Salford.

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