16 December – What Would Jesus Buy?

WWJBManchester Film Co-op would like to invite you to our Christmas-themed screening of the hilarious documentary film ‘What Would Jesus Buy?”.

What Would Jesus Buy?, produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me!, 30 Days) and directed by Rob Van Alkemade, features Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping on a cross-country, holiday revival tour as they exorcise chain store cash registers and discuss the “Stop Shopping Gospel” with families suffering from the Shopocalypse.

The film takes the viewer into the homes of families as they max out their credit cards to live up to the Consumer Ideal of Christmas, while also telling personal stories from those who remember the holidays as a simpler, less commercial, and more joyful time. Interviews with labor rights experts, historians, and spiritual leaders reveal how the consumerization of the holiday season over time taught Americans they can only show love for their children by purchasing toys made by other children in overseas sweatshops.

“The earth has text-messaged us by way of glaciers and tornadoes and – common sense! – we’ve got to get a handle on this Consumerism. Our great ritual of giving to loved ones, Christmas, must be wrested away from the retail Santa and returned to real giving. There is the unforgettable research about the marketing to children, the “Valley of the Shadow of Debt,” the increasing invasion and destruction of our neighbourhoods by malls and big box stores… But there is something beyond the issues. There is a feeling that we want to be humans in that fascinating thing called Community. “What Would Jesus Buy?” is a very good question.“What Will YOU Buy?” is the next one. Change-a-lujah!”
– Rev Billy

Monday, 16th of December.

Time: Doors at 7.45pm, the film to begin at 8pm.

Admission: £3 waged, £2 unwaged/student.

Venue: The Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford.

Optional RSVP: Facebook (soon).

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